IC Success: Financial Literacy and Credit Building For Families

November 21, 2019

November 22 2019 - 6:30 pm

dig at the Innovation Center

IC Success: Financial Literacy and Credit Building For Families

IC Success is a series of programming aimed at EMPOWERING ALL COMMUNITIES in the Buffalo, NY. The Financial Literacy and Credit Building workshops are designed to equip adults and teens with the knowledge and tools to be financially free.

Facilitator: Nikia Miller Nikia M. Miller is a Certified Credit Repair Consultant, Financial Wellness Coach and Money Motivator. She has been assisting people with repairing their credit for 11 years. Nikia professionally launched her official business Clarity Credit in 2017. Her approach focuses on providing practical solutions, guidance and advice to help people achieve financial stability. A state of financial wellness is not based on how much wealth or income a person has, instead it depends on how you’re able to effectively manage your wealth and income.

FREE childcare will be provided by ABC Learn & Play for every class from 615-815pm.


Class Schedule:

Week 1 / October 17: Credit Basics 101/ Why Good Credit Matters

Week 2 / October 24: Credit and Student Loans: How They Affect Each Other

Week 3 / October 31: Surviving Adolescent and “Adulting”: How Credit Affects your Day to Day Living

Week 4 / November 7: Credit and Relationships: the Do’s and Don’ts

Week 5 / November 14: Passing Down Good Credit and Breaking Generational Curses

Week 6 / November 21: Review and Clarity Credit Game

Students with perfect attendance will recieve a chance to win a FREE credit repair session!